About Us

Pretty Twee Box is about bringing excitement, joy, and creativity to little girls who love pretty little things. We want to encourage girly-girls to be themselves and to experiment while finding her place in the surrounding culture. Pretty Twee Box is about embracing and building confidence during her journey, as well as finding their freedom in fantasy and imagination. We believe that the princess persona seems to highlight these little girls' beauty and individuality. Our mission is to leave a little sparkle wherever we go and to remind our little ones that we are not only pretty on the outside but even more beautiful inside! 

With a vast range of products in the kids/toy department featured on the online market place, and things trending so quickly, we wanted to curate a monthly box of quality, handpicked pretty/fun/sparkly surprises which best represents today's girly-girl at an affordable price, while creating blissful memories. With a variety of goodies delivered to your door every month for $20.99, your little ones won't be able to keep their excitement in!!


One step at a time.

Giving instills the valuable trait of empathy. Since we believe inner beauty is just as important as outer beauty, Pretty Twee Box Team contributes to making a difference in lives of others by participating and donating to local and non-profit charities. The focus is to bring joy and excitement to children who are less fortunate, victims of crime and natural disasters, as well as children with life threatening medical conditions. 


People Talking About Pretty Twee Box...

"I'm a single dad who can't get enough of my little princess. Unfortunately, I don't get to see her as much as I want to.  But this subscription was a great way to show her that I am always thinking of her!! Thank you so much for making her smile!!

J. Williams

"My little girl is a THE girly-girl and she absolutely loves everything that came in this box!!! It's a great way to have mother daughter time and play dress up together with all the little goodies that come with it. 

E. Davis

"My daughter could NOT keep her excitement in when she received her Pretty Twee Box!! It was such a priceless moment for me and I love the way everything was packaged!! Great deal, such cute stuff!!! 

K. Kim